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  I have two rabbits, one named white, one named Firebird, they are very clever, especially love people.

  Iniesta and Firebird two little guys are wearing white, fluffy clothes, is clean and neat, like two little angels snow world; they are sometimes erected on the sharp and big long ears, it is important; a pair of ruby eyes shining; it was the most interesting the three mouth, eat, the small petals shook, the mouth of the two left the beard waving up, let a person see you laugh; the short tail, just like a cotton stick to it.

  The little white rabbit is well bred and never choosy about food. What vegetable dish, vegetables, radish, even we do not usually leaves, that their delicacy.

  This afternoon, as soon as I got home from school, I went to see the two little white rabbits. Before I approached, the Firebird head stretched over, I quickly picked it up, his hand gently stroked his hair, said: "the Firebird, are you hungry? I'll give you something d武汉看癫痫病医院elicious." Then, I put down the Firebird, ran to the kitchen, holding a cabbage roll core to it. Firebird eat soundly, suddenly found a white, immediately jumped and Firebird scrambling around, who also refused to give ground, as if to say: "this is the host for me, this is my master."

  I smiled happily when I saw their greedy looks.






  My family bought a small rabbit, it is lively and lovely, like a cloud of white fluff cotton feels soft, it has long ears, round eyes like two shining ruby, there are three small and sharp claws on its feet.

  Morning, docile rabbit eat平顶山看癫痫病哪家正规ing carrots, rabbit eat it never be choosers, good breeding, carrots, cabbage leaves...... It's all food she likes.

  Rabbit timid very small, as long as there is one point on the wind sways grass curled, ready to escape, until the fourth week to calm down and return to normal, once I get up in the morning sneezes scared the little rabbit left the food immediately quickly sneaked back to the nest, too old for a long time to come out.

  In the evening, I massaged the little white rabbit, and I felt down the nose. The white rabbit came close to me at one point, then my eyes. I laid the bed and carried the white rabbit in it, and the rabbit closed his eyes comfortably.

  My little white rabbit is gentle and cute. I like my little white rabbit. Do you like my little white rabbit?






  When I first came to my house, it was always upright and red, with long ears moving around; twitching its nose and smelling it everywhere. A pair of red agate eyes full of wonder, look, feel insecure about a stranger in a strange place,.

  The small white rabbit favorite grass and fresh leaves. At first I put the fresh green grass in front of it, and it winced and remained silent. Look at that way, and annoying, and poor. I think it must have just left, mother, not familiar with the new home. So I put the grass in front of him and left quietly. I'm standing in the distance looking at it, I saw it look around for a while, sniffed, very carefully picked up a piece of grass. The tiny, three - lipped mouth that chews green grass is cute.

  Time flies, a small rabbit came to my home for more than a month, never see it like a timid. It is always in the house thrashing around, sometimes tired lying in my arms with a small tongue licking my. If I治癫痫的好医院 catch it, it will back arched body hard shells, like the wind to jump up, like a snow fly, quickly ran away.

  Every day at noon, I took it to the sun on the balcony. In the light of the sun, a small white rabbit huddled motionless for a while back, enjoy the sun caress. I can't help stroking its long, spotless hair. The nap is so smooth and soft that there is an uncomfortable feeling in the heart.

  The rabbit is lively and beautiful. Although it is very naughty, it is still my favorite little animal.